About The Bike Library

About The Bike Library
Credit: Jared Harber

The Why

Bike Library exists to get people out of cars and onto bikes for a multitude of reasons. Most people are just happier on a bike than they are in a car. They see other people as people instead of obstacles. Bikes are a fantastic, inexpensive way for a fast-growing city to manage congestion, increase the satisfaction of its residents, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

However, bikes aren't financially accessible for everyone. Some folks don't want to fork over $3,000 for a nice bike that they're only going to ride a few times per month. Maybe they're visiting Raleigh and want to go cruise around Umstead Park while they're in town. Oh yeah - did we mention that there is an entire state park within city limits?! Let's lower the barriers and get more people onto a two-wheeled mood enhancer.

This is where we come in. Say hi to Bike Library!

The What

Bike Library is getting more people on bikes with easy, inexpensive, high-quality bike rentals. Being more than just a bike rental service, we're able to actually focus on a quality user experience, from the rental process to the ride itself.

The Bike Library fleet includes models from State Bicycle Company (SBC). SBC is an Arizona-based company that produces high-quality, affordable bikes. These bikes are built by riders, for riders – not by a bike share corporation for an imaginary customer. They aren't the cheapest option, but they aren't supposed to be. They are meant to be a pleasure to ride and they happen to do so at an amazing price point.

Unlike traditional dock-based bike shares, Bike Library bikes are sheltered from the elements, reducing the maintenance demands. They cost a little bit more than a bike share, BUT you can keep it all day and return it when you're done because it's yours...for the day at least.

Our end goal is to spark a love for e-bike ownership and create a tight-knit community. Beyond our bike rentals, you'll get to chill at our coffee shop, attend local events, and browse a curated merch selection, all contributing to a truly well-rounded experience.

The How

The project will take a few years and will grow from MVP to national scale through three general phases:

Phase I: Launch an online bicycle rental platform and collaborate with leading local businesses to begin offering bike rentals to both tourists and residents. This service aims to provide an affordable and enjoyable biking experience for anyone looking to have a fun day exploring on two wheels.

Phase II: Set up a physical bike rental store. This establishment will double as a pleasant spot for relaxation and work, and act as a central meeting place for various community events and bike rides. Importantly, this store will function as the main interface and chief beneficiary of the online bike rental system introduced in Phase I.

Phase III: Develop a tangible product, preferably a GPS-equipped smart lock, capable of transforming any bicycle into a rentable unit. This product, in combination with our existing rental software, will form a scalable solution that could enable nonprofit organizations throughout the country to provide high-quality bicycle rental services.

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