About The Bike Library

About The Bike Library
I took this photo a while ago on a bike trip in Colorado. You can rent this model from us. No kidding - it's in our inventory.

Remember when you were a kid and rode a bike for the first time? If you're like most Americans, you probably stopped around age 16, when you started driving.

Raleigh is growing, the traffic is getting worse, and we need a sustainable solution. Trains are far off, buses are alright, leaving bicycles as the most immediate solution to the problem of congestion. By renting quality, utilitarian bikes, we address this problem by:

  1. Lowering the barrier to entry for good bicycles: Our rentals start at $20 per day. Hop on a bike and enjoy yourself.
  2. Helping people fall back in love with bikes: Bikes are fun, and they should feel like it. If you like the bike you're riding, we can sell you the same model. Boom - now you're part of the movement towards sustainable transportation.
  3. Providing inroads to meaningful community: One of the best ways for Raleigh's tens of thousands of new residents to meet people, network, and get involved in community is simple: ride a bike with other people. It's a lot harder to meet other people from inside a car.

In other words: The Bike Library helps get people out of cars and on to bikes.