Origin Story

Origin Story
Credit: Jared Harber

The Bike Library started as many good ideas do: on a bike ride with friends.

What if there was a bike shop that was also a coffee shop? Could it do bike rentals? Maybe host some fun events to get people moving together? What if we invited some runners? Wait... they wouldn't have bikes. Well, if they could rent a bike that would solve the problem... But then what if....

The conversations continued, week in and week out.

Then, I got laid off. I made some music, took some time to get back on my feet. And the real work started.

The conversations got more serious, and the questions started sounding something like: Well, at this point we know the idea is good. How are we going to make it happen?

A few trips to the bank, a few serendipitous coffee shop run-ins, and one business credit card later, and we are here. You are looking at the website that is the first step towards making this project a reality. What's the vision?

Our purpose is to encourage people to swap cars for bikes and foster meaningful connections with fellow residents in the vibrant city of Raleigh. We want a city that is safe to ride in, where we do not need to rely on cars for transportation, and where we can pursue active lifestyles with those we care about.

Nominally, Bike Library will serve as a bike rental shop. But it will also be a space for people to physically get together, get moving and maybe drink some good coffee. I want it to be open late. There will be good mocktails. The idea sounds a whole lot like Kafe Racer, or The Meteor, or Heritage Bikes. The concept isn't new – Raleigh just doesn't have a place like this yet.

At this point, you may say to yourself "We? What is this man talkin' about 'We?'"

Without the continual stream of "Dude! This sounds awesome!" I would have given up sooner and descended into the Pit of Despair since, well... I had no source of income. Thankfully, I've met several people who have started to really help make this thing a reality. I want to give special thanks to:

  • Lauren, for her unwavering support and constant belief in me.
  • Vance, for always telling me when my "good" ideas only seem good because I haven't thought them through.
  • Mia, for jumping onboard as my content marketing hero. I have learned a lot about marketing in not a lot of time.
  • Paul, for helping me figure out website design and always adding to the energy with a "Yes, and..."
  • John, for offering to design the interior of the brick and mortar space. (check him out at The Store)
  • Owen and Dan for the focus groups at Boulted Bread.
  • Randy M. and Drea, for jumping in and helping me with content.
  • Randy C. for the alley oop with getting the kits developed.
  • Stephon, Sophia, Sarah, Sarah, Andrew, Karl, Jacob, Sam, Zack, Gray, Jordan, and all of the others I've "interviewed" throughout this process.
  • Jemel at the bank! My man!
  • Last, but most: My parents, for their support and guidance in this transitional period. I think we're on the cusp of something big here!

Much love to everyone. We will be starting rides soon as the weather warms up. If you want to support in the meantime, please try out a paid subscription.

I can't wait. Thanks for being a part of the journey.

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