Bike Month 🤝 Bike Library

Bike Month 🤝 Bike Library
The coffee ride in question.

May has arrived and we are officially open for business! On Saturday, we opened our doors at 10am to a crowd already assembled at the container.

Just kidding. That's dramatic. Some people were there for a coffee ride and we slung some cold brew and took some photos and everyone had a good time.

Then, five hours later, the shipping container was empty for the first time since the morning. I stopped to take a breath, looked over at Lauren and said "I'm so glad to finally not be talking with anyone!" right as another friend walked up from the parking lot.

It was a long day after an exhausting week of pulling overtime building out the container. 96 hours transpired between the container dropping on an empty gravel lot and the first customers poking their heads in the door. Although it was exhausting, it was so energizing knowing how many people were excited about the project.

Notably, $0 of the nearly $400 we made on opening day came from bike rentals.

Most of it came from selling coffee and Jabin, and a surprising amount of shirts.

Sunday was rainy and very light on the bike rentals, but it provided a good opportunity to build out the newest fleet addition - a Priority Bicycles Apollo. Plenty of people (including Lilly and Nikki, pictured) still stopped by and grabbed a drink and chatted.

Jabin FTW.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend. Excited and motivated to continue the work. See you on weekends between 10 and 6! And keep an eye out for the Oaks and Spokes events going on around town this month.

Keep pedaling!

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