June Plans + Swift Campout (!)

June Plans + Swift Campout (!)

Howdy y'all!

Bike month is in the rear view, but bikes sure ain't. Neither is summer. We have another month full of bike-related activities to start a fantastic summer.

tl;dr - NEW hours 10am-6pm Fri-Sun, Swift Campout, Alleycat, Critical Mass

First things first: NEW SHOP HOURS

  • Date: Effective June 6
  • New hours: Fri-Sun 10am-6pm
  • We told you it was coming, and it's here. June marks the start of our Friday open hours.

Swift Campout

  • Date: 10am June 22 - 3pm June 23
  • Length: 62.9 mi
  • Registration Form
  • On Saturday morning, we will open up the shop, have some coffee, and then head out on a 40.9 miles ride from the container to Falls Lake primarily along greenways, where we will camp out, make some food, and swap stories. Sunday morning, we'll pack it out and ride 22 miles back to the shop using the Jubala ride return route. We will plan to have a sag vehicle meet us at the campsite for extra food "just-in-case" – but the name of the game is packing it all in on your bike, so the closer you can get to being self-sustained, the better.
  • The ride will be 10-14mph. Be prepared for two semi-long days in the saddle!
  • From the website: Swift Campout is a global call to go bike-camping over solstice weekend. For the tenth year in a row thousands of adventurous spirits will load camping gear on their bikes for a weekend adventure.
  • You can buy bike bags from us, or rent a set from our (very) limited selection. Reach out if you're interested in renting a bag.
  • Here's the 62.9mi/100km route.


  • Date: TBD
  • It's a scavenger hunt, it's a race, it's a ton of fun. You'll get a list of locations around town and have to chart your own course between them. First one back to the container with proof of all checkpoints wins!
  • This alley cat won't be deliberately confusing or obscure - we will be giving you the exact coordinates of each location. All you'll have to worry about is finding your way between the points. If you get tired of it, just come back to the shop early and grab a cold drink by the lake.

Critical Mass

That's all, folks! More updates to come. See you soon.