Mid-March Update

Mid-March Update
Film photos came in! Can you spot the Bike Library bikes?

Daylight has been saved, the evenings are brighter, and the weather is warmer. Life is good and things are looking exciting for The Bike Library as we continue cultivating our partnerships, securing a location for the summer and getting more people on bikes.

Our fundraiser is approaching its halfway mark. Please continue sharing the link with anyone you think might be interested. At this point, it’s looking likely that we will fall short of our $25k goal – however, the money will be going towards expanding our fleet and outfitting our space, directly contributing to getting more people on bikes.

Our first new buy will be the 4130 Single Speed in retro 90’s "windbreaker" colors. It’s a size 46, perfect for those 5’3” to 5’6”. We have had a lot of women interested in riding the Klunker, but the frame size/geometry is just a little too precarious for shorter ladies. This model is a fun, colorful alternative. (Note: the model we get will be a flat bar instead of the drop bar pictured here.)

We will also add two flat bar 4130 All-Roads to the fleet. This is in response to people wanting another bar option, and a need for better brakes. These bikes come with hydraulic brakes (on a rental bike?? Tell your friends!) and will be awesome for trail rides and general goofiness. In addition to the single speed, these will round out our fleet nicely.

Last Friday, we had our first guided tour. Coffee, beer, pizza, and great company: it was an awesome day out on the bikes. Did you know that 99% of people involuntarily laugh when they first ride a State Klunker? That’s a Certified Real Fact. Check out the video here.

Finally - our film photos from the launch event came back from the lab! Here are a few for your enjoyment.

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