New Weekly Event: Thursday Morning Coffee Outside

New Weekly Event: Thursday Morning Coffee Outside
No the beans aren't Left Hook. But The Feather's Push is a good book. That rhymes.

If you've been following The Bike Library for any amount of time, you will have likely heard of The Espresso Express. Although both names ignore some of Sean Parker's key advice from the film The Social Network, the ride has been a great success. Since the beginning of the year, it's grown from six friends braving the cold all the way to this morning's nineteen riders (including several newcomers) enjoying a hot and humid morning at the lakefront shop.

Now, as we continue to refine the offerings (with the hope of optimizing the experience for all involved) let's introduce...

Thursday Morning Coffee Outside

The name will indubitably change, but for now it does the job.


  • Meet Thursday mornings at the container by Lake Raleigh.
  • Come through any time between 7:30 and 8:30. Leave whenever you gotta hop on that first meeting of the day.
  • BYOCoffee setup or optionally grab a cup of the finest Left Hook Cold Brew.
  • Ride from wherever! There won't be an organized ride to the container, rather, it will be an opportunity to meet up, hang out, and start your day in a relaxed fashion. Lovely.


  • The Espresso Express was originally a ride to a different coffee shop each week. The biweekly stop at Lake Raleigh has disrupted that flow. Let's get back to our roots for the Tuesday morning ride.
  • Some folks can't make Tuesday mornings (or just don't want a 7am sharp meetup.) This is an effort to make the weekly schedule more inclusive to anyone who might want to join.
  • Coffee outside is super fun, but it's a distinctly different experience than a coffee shop. Split em up and do em both right! Although rolling twenty deep to a coffee shop is a tall order... that's a later problem :)

That's all for today. If you need other captivating material for your Tuesday perusal, I recommend this opinion piece about how gravel belongs in the Tour de France. It's sure to ruffle some feathers.

Until Thursday, y'all!

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