Countdown to Opening Day

Countdown to Opening Day
Espresso Express this morning. Record-setting attendance.

This weekend, The Bike Library is opening a greenway shop on the Walnut Creek Trail near Lake Raleigh.

That feels weird to write.

Open hours will be 10am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday. There will be refreshments, bikes to rent, music, solar panels, plenty of places to sit, shade, and good people hanging out.

Operations at this location will run from now until August – and maybe longer. This will be Raleigh's first and only bike rental shop. It will definitely be Raleigh's only greenway shop.

This all comes at a time when Raleigh's legendary bike shop, Cycle Logic, is closing its doors. The wheels of time and economics keep turning.

Thanks to everyone who has believed in this, joined the group rides, donated money to the fundraiser, donated time to helping out, let me borrow their car, and rented a bike from The Bike Library. No one – least of all, me – knows what this summer will look like. It's an exciting prospect. All I can see through the fog is that it will make waves and make our community richer in some small way.

P.S. I'm writing this blog post 12 hours later than I usually do because I spent most of today running around town, buying lumber, gathering supplies, borrowing tools, and generally losing my mind about how excited I am for the container drop tomorrow. Let's do this!

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