Addressing the "snobbification of outdoor sports"

Addressing the "snobbification of outdoor sports"

Last night, the Youtube algorithm blessed my feed with this compelling video about the "snobbification of outdoor sports."

The clickbait did its job. 8 minutes later, I was left with a distinct feeling, but without a distinct "so what" – besides the fact that outdoor sports are becoming increasingly viewed as the exclusive domain of the yuppie. The educated, tech-job-having, Boulder-residing millennial.

The line that stood out to me was this:

"We’re going to spend thousands of borrowed dollars to do stuff we already do back home, in a slightly different place."

Rent, groceries, and everything else under the sun is getting more expensive. Lord knows it's not getting cheaper. I don't want bikes to get pushed out of people's lives because quality bikes are viewed as "too expensive." What if there was a way to use a bike to explore the wonderful spaces in and around Raleigh, without spending thousands of dollars, borrowed or not?

Thanks to State Bicycle Co. proudly going against the zeitgeist by offering quality bikes at a low cost point, we are able to make that a reality for you. Head over to our "Rentals" page to learn more.

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