The First of Many

The First of Many
Christian and his ride for the day

On Tuesday, I was putzing around the house between calls and emails when my phone lit up with an unknown number. I looked at it for a few rings, and then decided I might as well see who's calling.

Hey, I just rented a bike. Where do I pick it up?

Wait.... what?? I checked my emails and sure as day: there was a new hit. 2 hour rental of our 4130 model.

Christian turned out to be the coolest guy. He's an easygoing Marine in town for a few days on family business. Just looking to go on a greenway spin, because why not? My company popped up on Google and here he was.

We chatted for a bit about the military, how this company started, his other experiences with local bike rentals, and then he loaded the bike into his back seat and drove off to the greenway somewhere.

I was punching the air – so jazzed to get my first "real" customer! I heard the voice of Mr. Krabs echo in my head...

"'Me First Dollar!' -Mr. Krabs" -Me

Christian rolled up to the parking lot after the ride with the biggest smile on his face, bumping music, stoked beyond belief. We talked about his ride, about the bike, and to me it sounded like all went well! He'd gone up to Shelley Lake and rolled around those trails for a while. The clouds were beautiful. The weather was nice. The air was crisp. The ride seemed like... exactly what a good bike ride should be.

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